Youth Support

Since 2005 we have been working with young people from the age of 16, who have completed their stage in education and seek to prepare themselves for an adult and productive life.

The objective is to develop the skills that allow them to lead an independent life, with autonomy in different contexts and the preparation for the performance of an occupation according to their interests and abilities.

It develops in two stages:

  • The first is the training stage in BASIC COMPETENCES, in which the development in the young of behaviors, skills, attitudes and knowledge is supported so that they acquire their maximum autonomy and can participate actively in the preparation of their life project.
  • The second is the training stage by LABOR COMPETENCES that is carried out in agreement with the Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito since 2007 and with El Bosque University since 2010, where it has jointly developed its own training model with emphasis on the competencies of BEING and DOING ; using the learning environments of the universities for the development of these competences, in an inclusive context with excellent personal and professional results.  

This training has an emphasis on competencies, which prepares them for the performance of functions in administrative logistics support, customer service, human resource support, service and event logistics support, and document management.

The development of the program is carried out in a group, each young person has their individual planning agreed with the young person and his family and with follow-ups and adjustments to it, it also includes periodic trainings for the families.

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