Labor Inclusion and Support for Adults

Starting in 2009, the support of young people who have within their life project work, be part of the labor force that moves this country, be recognized as people for their skills, experiences, performances and for their contributions to growth began. and development of the companies where they are linked.

Thanks to the effort and tenacity of the young people, the trust of the families and the credibility of the companies, in a structured and judicious process of labor inclusion, there are about 20 companies where there are workers who have been linked for more than 8 years with experiences satisfactory.

In April 2009 Kristian Mach Esguerra and his parents, founders of the CSD, in alliance with the Corporation and with the company Arquitectura e Interiores, We took a big step on the road to building social and labor inclusion, generating a business job opportunity model for people with Down Syndrome. It was a journey full of learning and challenges to overcome, always led with the responsibility, passion and joy that Kristian taught us.  

With this first experience, the door was opened for other young people to work with companies year after year, fulfilling the dream and life project of each one of them.

This commitment leads us to carry out activities aimed at the young worker, the company and the family, following the Supported Employment methodology:

This is an excellent opportunity within the diversity and inclusion policy of companies to link people with Down syndrome so that they can have a quality life and work.

It is aimed at adults who are in their productive stage as a complement to their labor inclusion or the activity they carry out, it is important to generate training processes in adults on a continuous basis.

The objective is to maintain and / or develop cognitive, social and emotional competencies that allow them to continue participating in a relevant way in the different family, work, social and community contexts within the framework of an inclusive vision. Training in self-management and prevention is also promoted for an older, active and healthy adulthood.

THREE components are worked on:

  1. Personal development.
  2. Strengthening of Occupational Skills.
  3. Cognitive Enrichment.

It relies on the generation of recreational spaces with their peers in inclusive environments, in activities typical of their role as adults, for the development of social skills and relationships with the environment.

It is characterized by having an important component of self-management, leadership, decision-making by the adults who participate, since the planning of activities, management and their development are led by themselves with a support system from the Corporation.

It is aimed at adults who seek to do a weekend practice of autonomy activities at home, management of community services, money management, free time management and development of planning skills.

This program makes it possible to identify the support needs of each of the participants, define the adjustments to achieve greater autonomy in preparation for the exercise of an independent life.

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