Basic course in Down Syndrome

It is carried out once a year and allows us to understand the basic aspects of Down Syndrome and learn how to promote the development of the person with this condition in all aspects.

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Jornadas de Capacitación para Familias, Docentes y Personal Médico y Terapéutico​

Different themes are addressed in relation to the condition, providing conceptual and methodological tools to strengthen the empowerment of families with the life project of their children and the response capacity of the different communities to care for the population.

Virtual Pedagogical, Therapeutic and Psychological Supports

They are supports in the virtual modality that allow to give continuity to the development of motor, cognitive, pedagogical, emotional and social skills that allow the person with Down syndrome to participate in all contexts.  

Virtual classrooms

Objective: Provide the possibility of empowering boys and girls with Down syndrome with limited resources from other regions of the country, through the virtual support methodology. Virtual training for professionals and / or leaders of the regions. Reduce the costs of specialized care for families residing outside of Bogotá.

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