Projects of our Corporation

The CSD seeks through different projects to support the strengthening of the response capacity of the different institutions and communities for the detection and care of the population with intellectual disabilities.

Some of the projects developed in recent years are:

  • Counseling, training, support for educational institutions that serve the population with cognitive disabilities and Down's Syndrome, in the development of curricular guidelines, entry criteria, evaluation, promotion, care models and flexibility cards; projects carried out with the Ministry of National Education, the Secretary of Education of the Capital District, the Saldarriaga Concha Foundation.
  • Implementation of virtual classrooms to train families of children with Down Syndrome in 30 municipalities in Colombia. Projects carried out with the Ramírez Moreno Foundation and with the CEPSA Social Work Award.
  • In alliance with the Productivity Pact Program of the Corona Foundation, participation in the project held with the Special Administrative Unit of the Public Employment Service was carried out to train officials and identify, design and implement reasonable adjustments in the service route the Comfamiliar-Pereira, Comfandi - Cali, Comfasucre - Sincelejo Employment Centers and the Barranquilla Mayor's Office Opportunity Center.

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