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Our mission

The Mission of the Corporation (CSD) is to promote a full and happy life for people with Down Syndrome and their families, through the generation of services and programs that respond to their strengths and needs, seeking the development of their skills, their participation in society, the exercise of their rights and the improvement of their quality of life.

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Our Programs and Services

Comprehensive care for the person, their family and their surroundings is essential for the Down Syndrome Corporation.

Income and Support for Families

When a family wishes to join the Corporation, they can use the Orientation Service. Subsequently, it goes to the Initial Interview Service and depending on the age of the person with Down Syndrome, it will go on to the Comprehensive Assessment (0 to 5 years) or Comprehensive Assessment (over 5 years).
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Therapeutic Support in the School Stage

Aimed at children and young people in school stage (5 to 16 years average), it seeks that children and young people, in parallel with the supports offered in the Corporation, are studying in kindergarten or in a formal education school either in primary or in high school.
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Support in Educational Inclusion

This program is aimed at boys, girls and young people with Down Syndrome, between 5 and 20 years of age, its objective is to accompany their process of educational inclusion in gardens and regular schools.
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Youth Support

Oriented towards young people between 16 and 30 years old, it seeks to develop behaviors, skills and knowledge in the young person that allow them to achieve the highest degree of autonomy in different contexts and the preparation for the performance of an occupation.
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Labor Inclusion and Support for Adults

Starting in 2009, the support of young people who have within their life project work, be part of the labor force that moves this country, be recognized as people for their skills, experiences, performances and for their contributions to growth began. and development of the companies where they are linked.
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The CSD seeks through different projects to support the strengthening of the response capacity of the different institutions and communities for the detection and care of the population with intellectual disabilities.
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Nuestros Donantes

Our Strategic Alliances

Inclusive Companies that have believed that our dream is possible

How to help?

All donations received by the Down Syndrome Corporation through the bank consignment or website, support the processes of rehabilitation and empowerment of children and young people who due to their economic situation are unable to access them.

Make your Donation

Donate the amount you want with your debit, credit or cash card through Payu.

Recurring Donation

Schedule a monthly debit from your credit card to make your donation.

Flowers of Hope

En agradecimiento a tu donación recibirás un hermoso ramo de flores gracias a Agromonte S.A. y el Voluntariado de nuestra Corporación.

Godfather Plan

The scholarships allow supporting children and young people who do not have the resources to access the services offered by the Corporation.

Special dates

A baptism, first communions, birthdays, anniversaries; they can become a beautiful opportunity to help others,

Sympathy Bonds

Support for children and young people is sustained over time and transforms their lives. Thank you for allowing your memory to make us part.

You can also make your donation by consignment or transfer to:
Bancolombia Savings Account No. 20 785 693 098
Down Syndrome Corporation.
NIT No. 800.037.619-0

Once the consignment has been made, please inform us by email:

A United Volunteer to Support ♡

Our volunteers support activities related to fundraising processes and activities that support the fulfillment of the five-year planning.

They also support work previously authorized by the General Directorate of the Down Syndrome Corporation, by virtue of achieving the missionary objectives set for the current year.

Enlaces de Interés

News and Blog

Our News

We always want to keep you informed of the news and activities of our Corporation.

Para destacar

Hacemos un reconocimiento  a la compañía de baile Agailao por su labor cultutal y artística para personas con Síndrome de Down. 

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