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Anthem of the Down Syndrome Corporation

Our mission

The mission of the Corporation (CSD) is to promote a full and happy life for people with Down syndrome and their families, by generating services and programs that respond to their strengths and needs, seeking the development of their skills, their participation in society, the exercise of their rights and the improvement of their quality of life.

About Us

Our vision

To be recognized as a consolidated organization that advocates for rights and provides comprehensive care with high professionalism. Achieving optimization of the quality of life of children, youth and adults with Down Syndrome and their families.

  • Responsible Team
  • Experience of more than 30 years
  • Community Projection
  • Social responsability
About Us

Our Principles

At the Down Syndrome Corporation we respect the following principles:

Nuestras Sedes

Castellana Headquarters

Sede Villas I

Sede Villas II

Responsible Team

La Corporación cuenta con un equipo superior a 70 personas en las áreas de Psicología, Fisioterapia, Fonoaudiología, Terapia Ocupacional, Pedagogía, Comunicación, así como con un completo equipo administrativo de apoyo. Adicionalmente a la dirección general, cada uno de los programas, así como el área de psicología que es transversal a todos los programas, cuenta con una coordinadora.

Awards and honours

In 2002 the Corporation received the Simón Bolívar decoration awarded by the Ministry of National Education in recognition of outstanding entities in the fields of education, science and health.

 And in 2017 the CEPSA Social Value Award

Our history


The Down Syndrome Corporation It was founded on June 2, 1988, by five visionary families who, thinking about a full and happy future for their children, opened multiple possibilities for the population with Down Syndrome.

Today, it is a non-profit organization for parents of children, youth and adults with the condition.

Currently, it serves more than 1,700 people and their families. Seeks to be a support in the different stages of life.

The first program of the corporation was called “small steps” and it began with a group of 11 children.

June 02, 1988

Early childhood support programs:

In 1989 the program of Early Outpatient Stimulation "ETA", seeking to respond to the needs and possibilities of families who for different reasons cannot attend a high intensity classroom program.

Currently, the two programs constitute the Early Childhood program.


The support program in the school stage is born

In 1991, the programs Support to the family for the integration to preschool "AFIP", and Integration to the Regular Classroom "IAR" were created, which were later merged under the process of "Supports in the IAR school stage", which seeks to respond to needs of boys in school, that is, from 6 to 16 years old.


Family care and guidance service

In 1996 the service of Attention and Orientation to Families, in charge of psychology. Today, this program provides orientation and initial interview services, which are the gateway to the Corporation, and different activities are developed to support families.


Simón Bolívar decoration

In 2002, the Corporation received the Simón Bolívar decoration, awarded by the Ministry of National Education to leading entities in the fields of education, science and health.


Grow into adulthood

In 2005, in response to the initiative and the needs of families of adolescents who had completed school, the program was created Grow into adulthood, with the support of several families and Petrovida. This program seeks to train in autonomy and for the performance of an occupation of interest to each young person.

The six young people who started the program were: María Gimena González Carrillo, Maria Gutierrez Soto, Tatiana Rodríguez Osorio, Camilo Peláez Echeverry, Felipe Reina Ramírez and Juan Felipe Urueña

Programs for the adult stage have been implemented according to the needs of adults and their families.


Adult stage programs

In 2006, "Independent Adult Leaders" was created, which seeks to provide spaces for socialization and interaction, and thus create strong ties of friendship and belonging.

In 2012, Continuing Education, in response to the need to continue training adults who are already in the productive stage, teaching the following courses: Personal development, Cognitive enrichment, Communication and technology and Occupational skills. Training for independent living has been carried out, promoting the life project of each young person.


Support for labor inclusion

In 2009 the Support program for labor inclusion, with the participation of the company Arquitectura e Interiores as a pioneer company, applying the “Supported Employment” methodology, and with the advice of the “aura” Foundation of Barcelona. Currently 14 young people are working, with the support of different companies


Agreements with Universities

Agreements are established with the Colombian School of Engineering and the University of the Forest respectively for the training of specific labor competencies

2009 - 2011

The Corporation opens a new headquarters

In November 2010, thanks to the support of a Corporación family and other donors, the second headquarters located in the Las Villas neighborhood was inaugurated, in which it begins to serve early childhood children.


Meeting of young people and adults with Down syndrome

Since 2011 there have been three meetings of young people and adults with Down syndrome. Young people are in charge of planning and organizing these meetings, with the support of the corporation. During the meetings, experiences are shared with people from Cali, Bucaramanga, Cúcuta, Medellín and Armenia, among other regions.



Volunteering was formed in 2012, which is a fundamental support for the management of resources and opportunities for the corporation.

Family Day is a tradition where a fundamental space is promoted to establish ties of friendship and support between families.


Continuing education

Continuing education, in response to the need to continue training adults who are already in the productive stage, teaching the following courses: Personal development, Cognitive enrichment, Communication and technology and Occupational skills

Training for independent living has been carried out, promoting the life project of each young person.

The corporation has held five international congresses:

In 2007, "Cognitive disability and education: An inclusive look". Made in partnership with Asdown

In 2009, "Disability, family and society, all in the same sense." It was achieved in alliance with Asdown and the Saldarriaga Concha foundation.

In 2011, The First International Congress on Down Syndrome: "A different look at Down syndrome."

In 2013, the Second International Congress on Down syndrome “If you make me part, I can. We all need an inclusive society ”and

In 2015, The Third International Congress on Down syndrome "A different view from rights, strengths, social contribution and full participation"



Virtual classrooms

Thanks to the support of the Ramírez Moreno Foundation, 350 families from different regions of Colombia are reached through the virtual classroom methodology.



In 2017, it became a member of the Ibero-American Federation of Down Syndrome, with the aim of consolidating a permanent forum for cooperation, exchange of experiences and promotion, dissemination and strengthening of the fundamental principles



Castellana Headquarters

The Corporation moves to the new headquarters in the La Castellana neighborhood


Cepsa Foundation

Receives the award for social value from the Cepsa Foundation 

Over time, the corporation has been present in numerous projects with both public and private entities to strengthen the response capacity of the different communities.


Strategic Planning 2019

In 2019, the CSD concludes its strategic planning established for the 2014-2019 five-year period, having achieved that 81% of the objectives set for that period achieved the goal or had made very significant progress towards it.


Appointment of new President

Dr. Mauricio Pérez, president of the Board of Directors for 20 years, developing a plan defined by the Generational Transition Board that guarantees the sustainability of the CSD over time, hands over the presidency to Dr. David Combariza. In the same way, young parents are linked to the Assembly and the Board of Directors.


Virtual Attention Strategy

Based on the experience with virtual classrooms, the entire virtual care strategy is carried out for all users in the face of the pandemic generated by Covid 19


Headquarters Remodeling

The remodeling and adaptation of the Castellana and Villas headquarters is carried out to comply with all the new requirements of the Secretary of Health


New website launch


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